Exciting start to 2018. Robert Parker Wine Advocate has just published review of #FREEMAN visit by Joe Czerwinski.
And we thank him for making the #NSWHilltops detour….

In short, these are some of the most compelling Italianate wines I’ve ever tasted from the New World.’

One of the most interesting places I’ve visited in some time.’

#FREEMANRobusta2012 : 94 POINTS

#FREEMANSecco2013 : 93 POINTS
‘Finishes long and velvety, with the concentration to support aging through at least 2025.’

#FREEMANSangiovese2016 : 91 POINTS
‘Simply one of the most convincing New World Sangioveses I’ve tried...’

#FREEMANCoronaRed2016 : 91 POINTS
#FREEMANDolcino2013 : 91 POINTS
#FREEMANFortunaPinotGrisPlus2013 : 90 POINTS
#FREEMANRondoRosé2016 : 90 POINTS

#FREEMANCoronaWhite2017: 88 POINTS
‘Charming and easy to drink, then finishes with a bright burst of lime-like acidity.’

CANBERRA TIMES By Chris Shanahan


‘Winemaker Brian Freeman chides Australians for restricting, “The pouring of dessert wines till the end of the meal – usually already heavily weighted to sugary treats”. Instead, he suggests serving stickies with savoury entrees, such as blue-mould cheese or duck liver pate. Amen to that, possibly with Freeman’s sinfully luscious Dolcino, made from late-harvest, botrytis infected viognier grapes.’



‘This delightful sweetie can’t help being a welcome autumn guest before or after dinner. Has concentrated fruit sugars and delicious glace ginger and lime marmalade flavours.’



‘Being Antipodean means we sometimes do things upside down. One of them is drinking dessert wines with, well, desserts. Sounds daft but our confrères in France look for contrasting flavours that heighten the experience, hence the habit of drinking these wines with either foie gras or blue cheese. Sounds weird but it’s a marriage made in heaven as with this lean stickie, which isn’t too cloying and is chocablock full of delicious tropical fruits and ginger highlights. Next time you have some people over try this combo and challenge the status quo inside out and upside down.’



‘Try this delightful Dolcino…with its honey, beeswax, florals and orange peel notes – think crystallised ginger. A lovely and easy drinking style…’

INDAILY.COM.AU By Philip White


‘Made from Viognier deliberately unpruned to encourage botrytis strike, it has a prickle all its own in that alluring pickled ginger fragrance. It’s fluffy of texture, but that cushion, with its appropriate sweetness, is neatly offset by considerable high-country acidity. So sure, take it with your afternoon paté on toast, even with contrasting crudités or giardiniera, or try it for elevenses with Haigh’s ginger chocolates.’