FREEMAN Rondo 2021

‘Rondo’ Rosé 2021

Made from Australia’s only planting of Rondinella grapes, which originate from the Valpolicella region of Italy.


Made using the classic saignée method, draining the juice after a short time in contact with the grape skins, this palest pink, spicy rosé displays a dry creamy palate with refreshing minerality balanced by soft tannins.

Ornithologists would recognise the colour of FREEMAN Rondo Rosé 2021 as matching the eye of a partridge, a bright salmony pink complementing the beguiling berry and lime blossom aromas, characteristic spice and refreshing, lingering palate.

This wine is a delicious aperitif – serve chilled with briny, freshly shucked oysters because the soft tannins harmonise with the metallic zinc of these molluscs. The style also matches well with antipasto, sushi, crab linguine or grilled salmon. Or simply chill and sip as the sun goes down.